What to do when your website is showing a wrong ad or is not showing an expected ad? (part 3)

There are many things that can go wrong even if you took advantage of preview and testing tools from your ad server so it’s important to look deeper under the hood.

Validate ad tagAn ad tag is a piece of code that you, your webmaster or the IT person, placed on the website or app where you want to display ads. On each page load, it calls the ad server to request an ad. The specific settings and values in the ad tag determine which group of ads to select. It is important to review the ad placement settings to ensure correct ads are appearing at the intended location.

If you’re managing ad tags directly on your site, carefully review the ad code integration to ensure that it is placed at the right spot, free of errors or typos. Each ad server has its own ad tag instructions and you need to follow those steps carefully. Check the browser’s Console log to see if there are any syntax or compatibility errors. View the HTML source code of your website to ensure that the ad tag can indeed be found on the page. Incorrect ad code can lead to unexpected ad behavior, including the case of missing ads.

Confirm ad placementIf the ad tag is placed at the wrong placement then you might not see the ad where you expect it. For example, you created an ad placement for the homepage and linked some ads into this zone. However, your webmaster pasted the ad tag on the Contact Us page instead of the homepage. In this case, you would not be able to find your ad on the homepage.

It is a good idea to double-check the ad tag to ensure that it is for the correct placement or zone. If the ad tag is for another zone then it is misconfigured. In this case, your expected ad will not show and some other ad is showing instead. For example, you expect to see ads from zone XYZ but the ad tag on the page is for zone ABC then that will explain why the ad placement is not showing what you expect.

Check ad formatDifferent ad formats require different ad tags. Therefore, make sure the ad tag you are using on the page is for the correct ad format. For example, an ad tag for email newsletters will not be able to display video ads and vice versa. If you put a JavaScript or VAST video ad tag into an email newsletter, nothing will display because email software does not support those tags. On the other hand, a VAST video placement should not have any regular image banner ad.

Verify ad dimensionEach ad placement is designed to support only specific dimensions. If you mistakenly link a new ad into a zone for a different dimension, it might not be selected by the ad serving solution when showing. For example, a leaderboard zone 728×90 with a 300×250 ad will not show the sidebar 300×250 ad. Therefore, if you do not see an ad, check if it is linked to the correct zone with other ads of the same dimension. Sometimes, the difference is very small and can be easily overlooked. For example, a 720×90 ad that is linked to a 728×90 zone. The dimension looks almost the same but it is not.

Part 1 – Check ad status and ad targetingPart 2 – Test and preview adPart 3 – Verify ad tag

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Selecting the Best primary school in Gurgaon is the best way to make your child’s future

Primary education is mainly responsible for the education acquired in life. Along with teaching, all the qualities received during this period drive you throughout your life. All the learning and qualities acquired during this period will help students become responsible citizens. The best primary school in Gurgaon always helps the student to uncover his hidden potential and take him to the maximum.

Why choose the best primary school in Gurgaon
When students go to primary school, they consider this place as a different world, which is considered as a junction with the outside world for students between the ages of six and twelve. Through this phase education system, students are exposed to current innovative ideas. As a result, their concept of modern education is born. Teachers bring educational, real-world content into the classroom in a way that students can experience on their own. Children are sent to school at this age to learn the lessons of the new world. An excellent primary school has its own norms, rules, and structures, in which students learn to be good people in the future.

All parents want to provide quality education to their children to strengthen them for future life, which is the highest right of every child. So they try to select the best school for their children. They think that choosing a good school sends the child on a perfect education path. But parents should choose the way very carefully and wisely, which is not very difficult.

If you live in Gurgaon, choosing an excellent primary school is very difficult among the Top 10 School in Gurgaon because day by day, primary and secondary schools in Gurgaon are increasing. But if you want to choose the best school, there are some things you need to consider.

Best Primary School in Gurgaon for Your Kids is the best way of learning

According to experts, if you give your child a proper early education, he will surely grow up to be a responsible adult. For overall development, Gurgaon’s primary schools have a student-centric approach that greatly helps develop children. The best primary schools get so much popularity for a few reasons

A team of skilled and well-trained teachers and staff
Offer a specially designed curriculum that makes learning fun and interesting
Focus on perfectly designed co-curricular activities
Some important factors that need to be considered while choosing the best primary school:

1. Don’t ignore the Fee structure of the school.

You have to choose the good schools in Gurgaon which not only take the low fees but also offer the comparatively best education. You should give up the idea of rushing to enroll your child on an expensive school. So, you have to give up the idea of registering your child’s name in a costly school.

2. Check the Students-teacher relationship in the school:

Student-teacher solid relationships are always the best students for the future. In a good primary school, The teacher usually communicates with each student separately. Research has shown that students learn better in smaller classes and achieve higher exam scores.

3. Emphasize on academic & Extra-Curricular Activities of the school.

The learning process of primary school can stay with your child for life. So it is essential to ensure before selecting the school that it meets the highest standards of excellence in terms of its teaching methodology, academic curriculum, moral standards, and teachers.Extra-curricular activities such as outdoor games, art & craft, hobby ideas, physical education, music, dance, and drama classes also play a big part in shaping the overall personality of a child. It can add an edge to the student’s capacity to learn.

4. Check the Hygiene/Clean Environment in the school.

When selecting a good school, you should consider the cleanliness and hygiene of the school environment. When you think about your child, it should be your massive priority. As a parent, you have to know if it is maintained in the school or not.